My First Drawing

July 20, 2011

My first stab at a digital illustration.  I have a long way to go, but thought it would be fun to post this here to look back at someday and say "WOW, I've come a long way":)  The Blog Designers Network group has been very kind with constructive criticism.

Our "Pet"

July 14, 2011

We are not allowed to have a cat or dog in our apartment... so the next best thing is our "pet" squirrel.  He is really taming down and gets mad at us if he doesn't get his peanuts when he thinks he should have them!

My Hippie Garden

June 23, 2011

Our gorgeous new fuchsia, we couldn't resist bringing this pretty one home!
Repotted the two tomato plants on the left this evening.  One of them is a yellow pear tomato and the other is an early girl.  Also some cucumbers on the right and the smallest pots have nasturtiums (one of my favorite garden flowers).

This is our townhouse.  I am loving growing my little hippie garden:)  Why do I call it my "hippie garden"?... I don't know, it just fits lol!!!

Love This...